Carole King and James Taylor were just in town. I didn’t buy a ticket- I am not much for crowds. I do love her songs and was imagining being there singing along. On Monday at Martin Luther Care Center after we had danced to the prelude to Carmen and to a Figaro aria with bright-colored RED scarves – we put on Carole King singing live: “You’ve Got a Friend.” We took hands and started singing to each other, with some foot tapping to accompany the lyrics. We KNEW the song even if we didn’t remember all the words. It was “our” song that we could sing to each other: reaching and waving and greeting each person in the circle. We sang it again and added each person’s name to ” winter, spring, summer or fall- all you got to do is call: “Peter” – yes I’ll be there – you’ve got a friend.” Today, at Ebenezer Care Center we shared the song with our dancing friends there and they KNEW it too! We have been dancing together, singing, sharing stories for a year and a half. We are friends coming together to create something that could only happen if we all show up. “Winter, spring, summer or fall- all you’ve got to do is call- and I’ll be there – yes I will – you’ve got a friend…”

– Maria

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