As the elders’ learned the lyrics and choreography to the song, “You Can’t Stop the Beat” from the musical, “Hairspray”, they also pondered the question, “What else can’t you stop?” Muriel cried out, “Time!”, Gerald said, “The universe!” and Lucille cried, “WINTER!” We laughed as we looked out the window to see the city coated in a dusty white. Thoughts of winter came pouring out, “sledding in St. Paul, drinking cocoa, dressing in layers, grandma-knit mittens, sledding and snowball fights.” Out came the bag of white paper balls and a serious snow ball fight ensued. A look of sheer delight crossed the eyes of Marge every time she successfully caught her paper ball and sent it sailing through the air with grace. Former soft ball player, Helen had a more aggressive style and nailed me several times! It’s winter wonderland with the elders!

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