Dancing with Trudy is a treat. I have the chance to see her every other week at the Wilder Day Program Dancing Heart session and I always know we’re in for some fun when Trudy is there. Trudy is currently in a wheel chair and has very minimal mobility on the left side of her body. However, when The Supremes, Temptations, or anything with a funky beat comes on, her body immediately begins to groove. A grin and twinkly eyes soon emerge, and it’s clear that Trudy has been transported to another dimension – she’s home with the rhythm and she pulls everyone around with her. She’s full of stories about her dancing youth – dancing with Soul Train, in clubs, anywhere she could.


It’s a beautiful thing, and testimony to the sacredness and power of Dance that a woman so immobilized can still be emotionally, spiritually, cognitively AND physically free when she’s simply moving to the sound of music.


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