We had a warm and cozy afternoon last Monday with a group of elders after braving a mild Minnesota blizzard to reach our destination. We began with an energizing warm-up to get our body brains engaged, and then we were ready to dive into The Nutcracker, re-telling the story in our own way. With elders robed in colorful scarves and creating a lavish set with swathes of fabric, we cast our characters bringing in elders and a few visiting boys. Our lead, Clara was played by Dimitra – a spunky elder who was more than happy to take center-stage. Our Nutcracker was 7-year-old Dimitri, who was visiting the elders for the first time. After a harrowing battle with the rat king, Dimitri whisked Dimitra off to an enchanted flight across time and space. Upon arrival in the Land of the Sweets, there was a visit from the Sugar Plum Fairy who invited everyone into the dance. The celebration ended with a lovely childhood memory from Frida, another elder in the group – real candles lit throughout her Christmas tree, the family watching vigilantly and joyfully as they welcomed the spirit of Christmas into their home. Elders and children alike went to bed that night with visions of sugar plums dancing in their heads…
The Dancing Heart Nutcracker Slideshow


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