Last night at Loring Park– Kairos Dance Theatre had a dance rehearsal. What a glorious, gorgeous group of dancers. Our youngest dancer was 4 and our oldest dancer was 80! We began working on a new dance–Swing Low, Sweet Chariot. Each adult paired up with a child or another adult. The assignment–find three movements that express the idea of swinging, holding and supporting each other. I looked around the circle and watched the movement journeys unfold. Moses rocked 5-year-old Jack in his arms, then Maria gently took Jack over her shoulders. I leaned into 9 year Senoa and then swung her around. Jesse lifted 4-year-old Clare, so she could sit on his shoulders. And Peter and Diane rocked each other back and forth. It was heavenly. It was sacred dance. This intergenerational dance community is helping me remember that we can be held and supported in community. I feel blessed.

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