While the temperature has been perfect if you love summer heat and the sky has been blue with beautiful white puffy clouds, stormy weather was the theme at one of our facilities this week. There are many songs about weather for singing along, creating rhythms, and dancing. Everyone was engaged with thoughts of rainstorms, hail, thunder and lightening while we could see the sun shining brightly outside the window.

Telling stories about experiences with bad weather proved to be very interesting. Many of the participants recalled childhood scares about stormy weather, being huddled in basements with their parents and siblings after hearing tornado warnings on the radio, and watching lightening light up the sky from the safety of their homes. We also talked about the fun of going outdoors after a rainstorm which created the opportunity for us to stomp our feet pretending we were playing in the puddles.

The highlight of one of our sessions this week was doing our name song to “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean”. Each week we select a song, one that is familiar to the participants, and include the name of each member of the group as we sing the song. Everyone loves hearing their name sung aloud and this exercise always brings big smiles to everyone’s faces.

Another week of smiles and laughter; dance and storytelling; and love has passed. My life continues to be enormously enriched by my being a Kairos’ Dancing Heart volunteer.


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