The beautiful warm weather certainly affected everyone’s mood this week as we focused on flowers, rain, favorite things.  Spirits were up and engagement was high.  I’m thinking especially of one of our adult day care facilities where we observed nearly 100% participation.  I was delighted to see so many Dancing Heart program participants singing and dancing and sharing.  As we went around the room and asked “What is one of your favorite things?  Tell us about something that means a lot to you, something you care about deeply.”  We listened as they shared.  Responses included “My wife, my family, my son and grandson, my nieces and nephews, my kitty, my dog, love, family.”   Then we set their responses to music and sang back to them about their favorite things.  It was joyful to watch their eyes light up and big smiles spread across their faces as they heard their favorite thing mentioned.  At the end of our sessions, we all hold hands and sing the Kairos Dancing Heart song, Great Big Love.  This week we watched, many of us teary-eyed, as every single participant stood up to sing our song, including those with walkers, canes, holding on to chairs, the frail, the blind.  Part of the song includes the words, “…even a stranger can look and see that we belong to one family…”  I end my comments today with this inspirational observation…

We see the power of love and dance and music through this program every day!


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