I have been lucky enough to be working at Ridges each week with Dancing Heart, and I have gained so much understanding about how much all people want to be greeted warmly and closely. There is so much reserve here in Minnesota, and shyness, too,  I suppose

 Anyhow, I visited a nursing home with my Sacred Harp choir just yesterday and had the pleasure of greeting so many of the residents with a hand squeeze,  and smile, and received the same right back again. I think the last time I was singing out in a “home” I felt  that getting so close would be invasive, but I have learned that for the most part people are glad to be “seen”.  I was especially touched by a woman who  was somewhat drawn into herself, but when she connected with my presence, she just beamed. It is a gift that we can all share because it is bigger than our personalities, and bigger than whether or not we have any filial relationship. Big Love

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