In early January Kairos Dance Theatre will be leaving some of our residential facilities and bringing the Dancing Heart program to several new groups including adult day services and assisted living facilities. We’re excited about new possibilities and the opportunity to spread the magic of the Dancing Heart to more people. But saying goodbye is difficult. There are so very many special people we have come to know and love. I’ll miss hearing Sue’s wonderful stories about her childhood and how she and her friends, after a very big snowstorm left high drifts near her house, climbed to the roof of the garage. And I’ll miss Annabelle who knows the lyrics to almost every song we play…and when she doesn’t, she sings La La La! Michael is a veritable encyclopedia of country music and movies complete with the names of the singers, composers and actors. We’ve learned all about Greece, its food, dancing and language from Diane who lived there for many years. I could go on an on about our elders and their lives and stories.


Each and every one of our participants has a special place in our hearts and they will not be forgotten even though we must move on. The transformation that occurs when the Dancing Heart is implemented never ceases to amaze and delight me and I am excited about meeting new people who will share the joy of dance and participate with us as we unleash its power to nurture and heal. That is the mission of Kairos Dance Theatre.

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