At the core of Kairos Alive! programs lie years of research, evidence and practice.  We strive to provide education through sharing up-to-date, verifiable and relevant research.

This excerpt from “The Importance of a Creative Arts Program for Senior Housing Residents” written by Therese Wengler of St. Catherine University summarizes key findings based directly upon research of Kairos Alive!’s Dancing Heart™ program:

“The goal of this interdisciplinary quasi-experimental mixed methods study with older adults living in congregate senior housing was to describe participants’ experience of a creative arts program and evaluate its impact on quality of life. Fourteen older adults completed this study. The program, Kairos Alive! Dancing Heart™, was offered weekly for 2 hours over a 12-week period… Qualitative data collected through individual semi-structured interviews were transcribed, coded, and analyzed.

Qualitative results revealed six main themes:

1) Novel and engaging group artistic experience provides opportunity to test and overcome limits

2) Feelings of trust, acceptance, and comfort within the group support self-expression

3) Transformative creative experience in expressing true self, trying new things, and imagining endless possibilities

4) The program was experienced as energizing and fun, generating a positive outlook on life

5) Music and dance fostered mutual knowledge, emotional connection to one’s own heritage, and cultural understanding

6) The program resulted in increased social interactions and a stronger feeling of community”

To read the full thesis, click here.


Works Cited

Wengler, Therese A., “The Importance of a Creative Arts Program for Senior Housing Residents” (2015). Master of Arts in Occupational Therapy Theses. Paper 8.

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