What fun we had this week at one of our adult day facilities. And it happened spontaneously. We were honoring one of the participants who was celebrating his fifth anniversary in the program. As part of making him feel special, we talked about his interest in sports. And from that conversation came the idea to create a cheer. The clients made suggestions that expressed their positive feelings about the program and how it makes their days more meaningful and more fun.

One of the clients was a cheerleader in college and she was very enthusiastic about coming up with ideas for cheers. Soon we had written four different cheers! Then we started choreographing physical movement to go along with the cheers. It was quite a productive Dancing Heart session and everyone had a fabulous time.

It’s wonderful to participate in the Dancing Heart process and to see the creativity that comes from our clients. They become so excited about what they’ve created and it is so much more meaningful to them because they developed the material themselves. We’ll spend time at the next session doing the cheers again and perhaps introduce the idea at some of our other facilities. The approaching fall which signals the start of football season is an appropriate time to Rah! Rah! Sis! Boom! Bah!

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