One thing that amazes and encourages me about the Kairos Dancing Heart Program is the culture of collaboration that develops when word gets out about what’s going on.  Local staff and volunteers  from the  various sites have brought a wide range of titles and skills to the Dancing Heart Circles: Rec Aide, Rec Therapist, Dance Movement Therapist, Music Therapist,  Physical Therapist,  Occupational Therapist, Activities Aide,  Activities Director, Nurse Aid, Nurse, Retired Teacher, Student, Retired Psychologist, Administrator, Researcher, Family Member, Friend.  What they have in common is recognition of the power of artist-led  creative activity to engage and expand participants’ function on the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social levels. The attractiveness of this culture of collaboration has resulted in consistent ratios between helpers and clients in the 1 to 3 or even 1 to 2 range.  At this point it’s safe to say community transformation has occurred. And the best transformation is in our main collaborators,  the clients.  For the experienced Dancing Heart  group, when the colored scarves come out and the lively music comes on they know what to do.  It’s time for improvisational dancing in a group setting and all the multi-level health benefits that brings with it.  Then when the energy is raised and a little rest feels good, the stories come naturally and legacy can be shared. ~~~Peter

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