I thoroughly enjoyed attending a two day conference last week on Mindful Leadership led by Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche and Bill George at the University of Minnesota St. Paul Campus.
Rinpoche gleefully reminded us that “when we are compassionate, we have a happy, courageous, confident and open mind.” Bill George shared many stories that illustrated to our group that” compassionate, authentic leaders are essential for a healthy society.”

Rinpoche taught us several ways to meditate. My favorite is being aware of my breath – it is so easy all I have to do is breathe and pay attention! Both Bill and Rinpoche are great storytellers – and as Bill said: “understanding your life story is key to developing self awareness and developing our emotional intelligence. And – EQ (emotional intelligence) is much more important for authentic leaders that IQ.”
more information about: Mingyur Rinpoche: www.tergar.org
more information about Bill George: www.billgeorge.org

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