No, I don’t mean “Help, my ship is sinking!”

This week at the Dancing Heart programs we focused on the holiday known as May Day and the Mexican festival of Cinco de Mayo.

What a “trip” it was to see our participants clapping their hands to popular Mexican tunes, tapping their feet to the Mexican Hat Dance and shouting “Ole”!

Our Maypole, laden with beautifully colored pastel ribbons, was a big hit with everyone. First we asked each person to share a wish now that winter is gone and the warm weather months are upon us. “What do you wish for?” Responses were varied and included, “Fishing”, “Going up to the lake with my family”, “Planting beets in my garden”, “Companionship”, “No more wars”, “…that my shoulders don’t hurt so much”, and “Love for everyone”. We then gave a Maypole ribbon to each person explaining that the ribbons represented our wishes. Those that were able to walk took a turn winding the ribbon around the pole. Staff and volunteers pushed those in wheelchairs around the circle. Everyone had to be careful not to get wound up in the ribbons – it was a little crazy for a moment or two as some of us became entangled and we all laughed heartily like little children as others helped us “unwind”. We gazed at this gorgeous pole covered with silky ribbons. My thoughts were of springtime, beauty, peace and togetherness as I looked at the Maypole we had created with our wishes for a better world.

Happy Springtime to all!


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