I have been part of the National Guild for Community Arts Education Conference in San Francisco this past week.

On Wednesday I helped present a National Center for Creative Aging Institute with colleagues Susan Perlstein, Stu Kandell, Jeff Champline and Michael Patterson. Exciting group of attendees – very diverse with lots of great questions.
At lunch we went out and enjoyed the remnants of the Giants parade that had just passed by- ticker-tape and all. Lots of happy people in the streets!

At the rest of the Guild conference – I was inspired to hear other arts educators and creative thinkers, like Randy Nelson of DreamWorks Animation SKG, talk about how engagement in the arts teaches life time skills:
-critical thinking
-problem solving

I believe we are all life long learners- and we can continue to deepen and grow our experiences with these valuable skills through ongoing and vital engagement in dance, music, theater, poetry, storytelling and visual arts.

(dancing is my favorite)

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