Hello!  I’m Faith and have been volunteering with the Kairos Dancing Heart Program for almost two years.  I was fortunate to have started with the team in a new facility and I was able to see the amazing progress from week to week as the elders became more flexible, more creative, more social.  It is a joy to watch the transformation unfold.  This past week we talked about traveling – places we’d like to go.   When we asked “Annette” where she would go, she said “Paris” because she’d never been there.  From that moment, we brought the entire group to Paris.  We sang songs about France, we conversed with a French accent, we “walked” the Champs-Elysees, talked about French food.  “Annette” seemed to have the most fun of all as she played with her dream of going to Paris.  All the elders were engaged as we swirled colorful scarves to the music.  We even got some “Can-Can” dancing going.  And the elders who can’t fully participate because of physical limitations tell us they enjoy listening to the music and watching those who are able to dance.  We encourage  each elder to move what they can – even if it’s only their hands, their fingers or a gentle sway.  Before and after every session, we greet and thank each participant.  We get hugs and beautiful smiles and comments like, “This was so much fun.  I feel so good.  I can’t wait until you come back again!”  For me, Kairos’ Dancing Heart is about love  and seeing the elders so bright and happy and moving!

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