When I started creating programming for older adults almost 20 years ago my ideas naturally flowed from my creative dance work with children, families, schools and teachers. I began my work as a professional dancer and educator in the 1970’s when I graduated from the Center for Teaching and Learning at the University of North Dakota in Grand Forks. Dance, (married to music and theater) has always been my first language and I discovered that it was a universal language for the thousands of people, no matter their age, ability or cultural background, that I worked with. For me, dancing together is being present to the other – with a heart connection of love and respect – that communicates beyond words or rules or cultural differences.When I listen, deeply, to the breath and rhythm of my dance partner, I allow my heart wisdom to connect me to the deeper patterns of joy and grief that links us together as humans. I can – and I invite you to join me- as we step into that grand dance of life – together. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Creative Connections

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