Last week we completed a two year program of The Dancing Heart at Martin Luther Care Center in Bloomington. Two years getting to know wonderful, loving, happy residents who shared their stories, their emotions, their favorite songs – it was so very hard to say goodbye. Many tears were shed as we sang their names, expressed our heartfelt love and gave each of them a white daisy to remember their time with Kairos Dance Theatre.

We’ve watched their transformation from the time we began until the last session. They were cautious at first, reluctant to participate, perhaps a little uncomfortable to get silly. But within a few weeks, their comfort level increased and they felt more secure and safe with us and we began to see the beauty and wisdom they had in their hearts. They began to be more expressive with their movements, more willing to share their stories and more playful as we introduced familiar and new songs to dance and sing. Our questions encouraged them to share stories of their childhood and their adulthood and ideas sparked their creative juices and they helped us choreograph new dance routines. With each session, we continued to grow in love with them for all their uniqueness.


Although we had to say goodbye, our hearts are full with sweet memories of the two wonderful years we spent with those very special people.


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