What a great time of the year for the Dancing Heart program. We have radiant colors on the trees, crunchy leaves under foot, the crisp fall air and Halloween!

This week we focused on Halloween stories, costumes, and trick or treat memories. The most fun of all was having the session participants get dressed up in costumes. Having no “real” costumes available, we improvised with large scarves. We draped them over four people lined up in a row and everyone decided we had created a fire-breathing dragon! More amusement followed as we added movement and sounds to the dragon. We heard descriptions of costumes their mothers made for them, scary stories of experiences trick or treating and even recollections of candy bag snatching by neighborhood bullies!

Dancing to the Monster Mash was great fun, especially since we were able to engage our wheelchair-bound participants. They love being wheeled around the room and have the opportunity to greet all their friends.

Singing included two favorites: He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands and Wade in the Water. Everyone was tracking and sang loudly and with much enthusiasm.

After one of our sessions, a new participant told me, “I had the greatest time today. I can’t wait until next week!” That comment was music to the ears of the Kairos’ Dancing Heart staff and volunteers. It’s been another wonderful week for us.

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