dscn1038One of our adult day programs will be moving soon – back to their old home after having been newly renovated. It had been difficult for them to adjust to their temporary home and now they’re going back to their original location. At our last session in the temporary location, it seemed appropriate to talk about moving – the benefits, the difficulties and the adjustments. This topic was one everyone could relate to as some talked about moving from one neighborhood to another and some told us about moving from different places within the United States. Many spoke of getting used to the harsh Minnesota winters after coming from the Deep South. Some spoke of the sadness and sense of loss; others expressed joy at the excitement of new adventures in new places. As we shared stories, the Kairos staff came to better understand the group members and we grew to love them even more. The experience of listening to the emotions involved in moving evolved into an expression of love among us deepening the friendship and community we have created at this adult day program. As always, we finished the session forming a circle and holding hands to sing our theme song, “Great Big Love,”


and on this day the love was bigger and better than ever before!

– Faith

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