How to Work with Us

Want to work with Kairos but not really sure where to start? Here is a suggested model and progression for how to engage us, based on our work with past and current partners.

Intergenerational Dance Hall

A great kick off (or culminating) event that introduces many to the work Kairos does, and a way for all to see and experience first-hand the immediate benefits of arts participation for all ages.

Dancing Heart

A way to extend the benefits of Kairos’ work into weekly programming offering in-depth arts interaction and health education through interactive dance, music and storytelling.

Community Arts and Wellbeing Residency

Work collaboratively with Kairos Alive! to design a custom implementation of our creative arts and aging programs to meet your specific needs, including public information and involvement events.

Moving Well Training & Education

Learn instruction and best practices in our tools and techniques to engage families, staff and residents in dance, music and story to better the long-term success of arts programming.

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