It’s Thursday afternoon, a wild rainy day! We are in Lake City facilitating a Dancing Heart session at the Nursing Home. Memories of childhood burst forth; rainy days and not being able to go out and play. The living room becomes an imaginary play ground, the couch a space ship and the dining room table a fortress.

High play is age friendly. Here at Lake City with the rain coming down like ‘cats and dogs’-this group of creative elders jumped into spontaneous play. We tossed around a long silky green scarf that magically turned into a gypsy turban, a giant kleenex and a beanstalk! The beanstalk hung from the ceiling. Immediately the group jumped into the story of Jack the Beanstalk. Jack became Norwegian. The Giant, after shouting FEE, FI, FO, FUM! became a gentle giant who had wisdom. There was laughter, silliness and joy in the room. In this high play experience we stepped into Kairos time the open moment with vigor and chutzpah!


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