What a fabulous time we had at one of our adult day programs this week as a result of Maria’s thoughtfulness and her constant focus on the people in our Dancing Heart program.

While Maria was in Washington, DC she had an opportunity to visit the Smithsonian Institution and in the store she found and purchased a DVD of the old TV show Soul Train. Why was it important to have that DVD for our program? One of our participants had told us a story of an incident in her childhood when she took off from school one day and went on the show. What she didn’t know was that her mother watched the show that day and saw her on TV and knew she had skipped school! Yes, she got into trouble when she got home and she never went back to Soul Train live again. We all loved hearing Adela tell her story and being able to show everyone the DVD this week brought it back to all of us.


And then of course we danced and danced to the wonderful sounds of the Isley Brothers, Stevie Wonder and the Commodores. The music is toe-tapping, hand-clapping, finger-snapping and more. We could hardly keep people in their seats. When Love Train was played nearly everyone in the room was moving as we danced around with those who could walk and wheeled those who could not. The smiles on their faces were as wide as their eyes as the music brought back memories of their youth. It was like being at a rock’n’roll party!


Our mission is to share the joy of dance and unleash its power to nurture and heal. We live that mission every day at The Dancing Heart!

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