This week we introduced the Dancing Heart to a new group of people in an adult day care setting.  I think they were a little surprised as we bounced into the room with the “tools of our trade”, our music, scarfs, rhythm instruments, balls, and other props.  

 While we have a plan for each day, we improvise as well if the spirit of the group takes us down a different path.  The first music we played was Cajun and almost instantly we had people up and out of their chairs dancing joyfully…except for a few who sat and watched carefully, not moving at all, trying to figure out what this program was all about.  I scanned the room observing and making note of those who would need tender encouragement in order to feel comfortable in participating.  

 There is something so magical about what we do – the energy, the laughter, the love, the music…it reaches just about everyone.  I walked over to a woman, one of the quiet ones, who had shown no response to our activities.  I reached down and took her hand, made eye contact, hoping she would response to a gentle swaying of our hands.  Instead, she gestured that she wanted to stand up and soon we were dancing around the room together.  What a thrill to see her go from pensive, reluctant and insecure to smiling, dancing and carefree!

 Watching the transformation that occurs when we bring the Dancing Heart into people’s lives is the best gift I receive from volunteering with Kairos.   Perhaps you’d like to join us and see the magic  for yourself!


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