Event Information:

  • Thu

    Wisconsin Zoom Connection Jam™ Intergenerational All-Abilities 2-Way Creativity Fun On Zoom, Thursdays, 1:30pm

    1:30-2:15 PM CDTZOOM

    Wisconsin Zoom Connection Jam™, is an engaging and inspiring research-based 2-way interactive “TV show.” It’s a mix between Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood, Reading Rainbow, Soul Train, Science Friday and Live From Lincoln Center for all ages and abilities; no previous experience necessary. It taps the creativity in everyone and makes creative connections between isolated people, and improves physical, intellectual, emotional and social health through dance, music, story, theater, and the latest arts and health research learning. It promotes trust, connection, joy, health and intercultural celebration, and features guest musicians, dancers and storytellers. It’s a great place to meet your family and friends, and make new friends. 

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