It was train week last week at the Dancing Heart programs and what fun we had.

There are many wonderful train songs and each one brought a smile to the lips and a rhythm to the hands of our participants. We played everything from jazz to rock to country; songs like Take the A Train, Blue Train, Freight Train, Freight Train and Last Train to Clarksville.

Those participants who are able to walk created a train line complete with train engineer adorned with the proper hat, cars and caboose. The wheelchair-bound were wheeled around to wave at those “standing” at the station. Several participants had wooden whistles which they gleefully blew when it was the appropriate time. People loved telling stories about trips they had taken by train and some had relatives who had worked on the trains.

The rhythm of the wheels going round is a perfect opportunity to get people going and everyone really came alive when it was time to toot the horn or bring the train to a screeching halt.

Stories and songs about trains are so plentiful that we will continue the theme again next week and capture more train stories from the Dancing Heart participants.


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