What Matters Most

We wrapped up a few sites last week - leaving all of us at Kairos feeling a bit heavy hearted and reflective. We wanted to share some pictures of important moments with elder friends from a memory care and assisted living - as well as thoughts from Maria.  ...

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Love is it, huh?

In his New York Times column earlier this week, “The Building Blocks of Learning”, David Brooks references author Paul Tough’s new book, “Helping Children Succeed.” According to Brooks, Tough cites the work of researchers as he asks how we can improve students’...

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Dancing in Santa Fe, New Mexico

I love dancing with people.  I always find that after the first, sometimes awkward moment, most people really love to dance. They just need to know that they are welcome, be assured that there is no “right” way to dance and experience a model that demonstrates that...

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Parking Lot Memories

Just as writers need blank paper and painters need blank canvases, communities need accessible open space to gather and celebrate.  Public dances are examples of active community-making art that manifests itself through the people themselves.  Although these kinds of...

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An Unlikely Path for a College Intern

When I tell people I meet that my passion and current position involves dancing, singing and storytelling with elders and other under served populations, I tend to get a lot of perplexed looks. As a young Millennial with an almost-completed major in Arts Management,...

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