What a beautiful dress rehearsal it was today at Intermedia Arts. Ida and Irv were there and Irv’s jazz quartet and the reverend Tommy Tipton with his big beautiful voice which he wasn’t going to use much today because he’s singing at the Twins’ game tomorrow but then he went and used it with us anyway and what a treat it was. The music and dance both were free in their own idiom and the two together raised things to another level of unity and meaning entirely. Feeling ready and charged for the big show Sunday, 4/18/10, 4pm, at Intermedia Arts on Lyndale near 27th street.

The Minneapolis newspaper did a long print, camera, and video interview with the two headliners, Ida and Irv. Should see it in the paper tomorrow, here’s the link:

The months of rehearsal, plus some last-minute intense focus seems to be bearing fruit with a high content show, engaging and entertaining on several levels.

The house was half filled with people from our Dancing Heart sites for the dress rehearsal. So great they could share the excitement and magic. Be sure to reserve your tickets by calling 612 926-5454. This show is likely to sell out and you don’t want to miss it~~~! -Peter

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