This week  in downtown Minneapolis 3,500 members of Aging Services of Minnesota are having their annual conference.

Two Kairos Dance Theatre collaborators, Ebenezer and Wilder,  won awards for excellence in program innovation  in connection  with  Kairos’ The Dancing Heart Program™  at their facilities.

While receiving the award on behalf of Ebenezer,  Maria said,


“This pattern -breaking project is the result of a shared vision of a whole group of people, many who are at this moment working in five different long term care facilities, or at administrative offices, or on the way to visit loved ones, and some who are here in this room.

. . . I want to say a Great Big ‘thank you’ to an amazing group of people, our collaborators at each site, who have been willing to step into the creative process, to help begin to change the culture of each community that serves older adults so that it continues to be more imaginative, more welcoming of each individual’s gifts, and more aware of the assets of older people rather than their deficits.

. . . Minnesota, and Kairos are leading the way for our colleagues all over the US to begin to re-imagine the value that older frail adults can bring to their communities, showing how these older adults in return can benefit from their renewed engagement in their own lives through dance,  music,and story, based in the context of their lives.”

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