We encourage other performing and professional artists who are interested in the work we do to collaborate with us. We have opportunities to participate in our rural community residency trainings and other programs.

Karios-Alive-1-2Artistic Collaborators

  • Irv Williams, Jazz Saxophonist and The Irv Williams Quartet
  • Kevin Washington
  • Kim Sueoka
  • Denise McWaters, Dich Erdich and Ron Johnson
  • One Voice Mixed Chorus
  • Cris Anderson
  • Patty and the Buttons
  • Mark Stillman
  • David Stensoel
  • Barbara McAfee
  • Bemidji Participatory Arts Collective

Past collaborating artists include: Jeannie Brindley-Barnett, Nancy Nair, Tamara Ober, Jesse Neumann-Peterson, Anthony Hyatt, Stuart Kandell, Gary Glazner, Sanok Dixieland Band, Irv Williams, Peter Schimke, Fred Steele, Tom Tipton, Ida Arbeit, Mari Carlson, Dick Erdrich, Ron Johnson, John Whitehead, Tom Johnson and the Carluster Crumplebee Orchestra, Mark Stillman, Kevin Burke, Ron’s Old Time Band, Larry Price, Eric Heukeshoven and the H30 Trio, Margo McCreary, and others.

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