My name is Mary. I’m a Dancing Hearts apprentice. Dancing Hearts brings so much joy to so many people…the residents of the nursing homes, the staff who assist us, the staff who are passing by while we sing and dance, and all together, we bring a lot of joy to ourselves, too!

One of my favorite moments recently was when I had asked “Nellie” to dance with me, to one of the Oldies…it might have been a Big Band number. We danced together for awhile and Nellie was smiling her big, bright smile and she was looking around at all the other people dancing around us in the center of the circle.  Nellie has a hard time remembering the names of places and people, but that doesn’t stop her from sharing her thoughts and memories.

While looking at everyone dancing, she said, with a shake of her gray curls, “I remember this. They used to get together and do this. The men were there, too, and all. They knew how to do this so well!  …and I was one of them!”

Dancing Hearts stirs hearts and memories. It’s wonderful!

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