Last Tuesday Kairos Dance Theatre’s Dancing Heart Program at Ridges Ebenezer Care Center performed a brand new original musical based on the stories of the elders. When you open the door for personal stories to emerge along with the magic of dance and theater–creative juices abound. This group of 18 elders along with “Dancing Heart” facilitators worked on this musical for over 6 months. The story was based on one couples’ love story merged with the challenges of living in a nursing home–too much T.V, and waiting in line for elevators. Each scene erupted in musical theater numbers-creative choreography, humor, drama and singing. Many elders shined as they shared their new discovered artistic gifts. Paul who has Parkinson’s disease surprised us all as he sang “Old Man River”–his voice strength and emotional stamina was gorgeous. Performing for an audience was a powerful reminder that creativity is healing, empowering and transformative. The last line of the play came from Judith and elder sitting in her wheelchair–she shouted, “Come on everyone let’s dance!”


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