Dancing at Martin Luther Care Center on Monday was lovely. The elders gently warmed up their bodies while rhythmically rowing their boats gently down the stream, twisting gently right to left with their torsos while extending a reaching foot in opposition. Later, we told the story of Demeter and Persephone. Demeter was played by Irene, an elder who spent much time in Greece. She was deeply present in the story as was Letty who played Persephone, Bert who played Hades and Zula who played Zeus. I was touched by the power and focus of our actors who seemed to connect personal meaning to this ancient tale. The supporting cast of elders created our set – the Elysian Fields portrayed with brightly colored scarves draped from one elder across to another, and Hades created with purple and red scarves on the other end of our circle. The reenactment was beautiful and ended with a feasting dance to Greek music.

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